Teambuilding under sails

Shared tasks promote teamwork.

But why is this so often a problem? Individual strengths and weaknesses, needs, skills and group dynamics play a major role in whether and how a team works.

Novel, unknown tasks are the best way for a team to question all of this, to reorient at home, to learn, to adapt to each other and to use the individual and common skills to achieve a common goal.

Autonomy, competence and interpersonal relations

are 3 basic mental needs. If we feel that we are being seen and perceived with our abilities, that we can cope with tasks at our own pace and our individual methods, and that we can draw on the support of friends or colleagues, we are able to achieve seemingly large and very challenging goals.

If the team doesn’t work, the sailboat will report it back to you immediately. When sailing together, you can test your team skills with direct effect. You will have the opportunity to reflect and coordinate relationships within the team, individual and shared skills, communication skills, needs and sub-objectives.

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If individual and common needs are met, motivators are coordinated and common visions are created, you can achieve great things as a team.

We offer our teambuilding sailing retreats for private or professional purposes: companies, clubs, sports teams and professional teams. We are also happy to create an individual team coaching according to your ideas. We work in small groups up to max 6-8 people per sailing yacht to make the experience and effectiveness of the coaching more effective and sustainable. For larger teams we can run the team events on 2 sailing yachts in Flotille.

Sailing knowledge or experience is not necessary with our competent skippers with many years of travel experience. Our yachts are comfortably equipped with double cabins. WC/shower and kitchen area with seating are on board. The boats are accepted in accordance with the guidelines for commercial sailing trips BG.

Since we coordinate these coachings under sail sailed to your wishes and ideas, we are happy to plan the appointments together with you. Possible are weekend trips on the Baltic Sea or our popular one-week sailing retreats on the fantastically beautiful Adriatic coast. As a new highlight, we have included 5-day team building retreats on beautiful, lovingly restored traditional sailors on the Ijsselmeer in the program. 

Check immediately for free dates or write us an email with your wishes if you want to book the sailing retreat exclusively for your group or team.


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Send us a non-binding request with your details, wishes, questions.We will reply as soon as possible to organise a taylor-made program.

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