Stress Balance

Your retreat at sea

The phenomenon that is now referred to as “stress” has many faces. Its symptoms, the effects on us and our environment, the interactions between professional and private life, are as individual as we are. Our resources, coping strategies and how we deal with stress are very personal in the same way! There is not the “one” way to cope with stress.

Together we will find YOUR personal balance.

On our sailing trip you will learn to relinquish and to reduce negative spirals. We help you to find out your individual triggers for overload and to strengthen your personal skills and characteristics in order to be prepared against the stress triggers in your life. Because negative stress only arises in case your personal resources are no longer sufficient to withstand everyday stress and / or critical life events you have handle.

This constant stresslevel can even lead to diseases and disorders, as the body has lost the ability to regulate itself. For this reason we also offer relaxation techniques, mindfulness training and self-awareness sessions on our sailing retreats.

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Together with us you will find back to your balance!

The combination of active, relaxing and adventurerous moments is ideal to detect your needs and desires, as well as to find the barriers that keep you from living your dreams. You can spend time with the crew, but also have the opportunity to be on your own. Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere on comfortable sailing yachts and let yourself be inspired.

At the end of your sailing retreat in the most beautiful sailing areas in Europe you will have found the direction for your own way.

We offer stress retreats in small groups on the Baltic Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the IJsselmeer and in Greece. Our yachts are comfortably equipped with double cabins, toilet/shower, and a galley area with a lounges are on board. On the IJsselmeer we offer you a unique experience of a sailing retreat on an impressive traditional sailing ship.

We would be happy to plan individual exclusive trips with you from 2 days and up to a week. Contact us with your requests and schedule and we will get in touch with you.

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