Self-Awareness under sails

“The better we know ourselves, the better our life will be. When we run into problems it often has to do with parts of ourselves that we don’t know. ” (Irvin Yalom, psychoanalyst and bestselling author)

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You take care of other people on a daily basis? You know exactly what your counterpart needs?

That sounds fantastic. But: do you actually know what you need yourself? What is good for you, what is not? Why are you as you are? Why do you act like you do and not differently? Why do you like to help? Why does working with people enrich you? Or are there also situations that are quite stressful and stressful?

Taking care of others can also wear you out. How do you deal with it? We would like to get to the bottom of these and other questions together with you. Important: this is about YOU. And where could you get to know, understand and reflect on yourself better than with a group of like-minded people with the same task: navigating a boat. In addition to plenty of sailing units and team experiences, we offer you a space on board to become more aware of yourself be. In an exclusive group with other participants who all work in similar areas. In this group you will learn to understand yourself and how you interact with others. The group, as an effective factor and a mirror!

We are happy to have our osteopath Babette on board on certain dates for this event. Babette, with her many years of experience in osteopathy and physiotherapy, helps you to get closer to yourself and to activate your self-healing powers.

Come on board with us and get inspired!

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