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Do you organize sailing trips or cruises? Are you looking for a unique offer for your customers, that certain something with an added value?

We offer you tailor-made coaching programs under sails.

Coaching under sails

Relinquishing the past, accepting the present and taking advantage of the opportunities given to us every day. For good reason the sea has such a fascination for people. Vastness, freedom, infinity, deeply breathing, just enjoying the here and now – many people associate all of this with a holiday by or on the sea. We combine this unique feeling of inner calm and serenity with active sailing, active and passive relaxation techniques, mindfulness training and coaching sessions and help your customers to enjoy the moment, to let go of negative thoughts and patterns and to find and use their personal strengths.

We offer unique sailing experiences by focusing on the wellbeing of the crew and support your clients to transfer this feeling home and into the personal everyday life.

Just contact us and we create, together with you, the added value to your sailing cruises for your customers.

What do we offer?

Coaching under sails - from day sail to 7-day sailing trips

We offer our services in different focuses and formats, which can be easily adapted to the cruise plans according to wind and weather and to the wishes of the crew:

♦ Stress balance
♦ Self-awareness
♦ Couple therapy

♦ Team coaching for professional teams and groups
- Healthy communication
- Team development

Group coaching as the basic offer for 1 to 1.5 hours per day.

Further additional services can be booked on demand before the trip or directly on board:

⇒ individual one-on-one coaching
⇒ Relaxation coaching individually or in a group (approx. 40 min.)
- Breathing techniques
- Progressive muscle relaxation (Jacobson)
- Imaginary journeys
- Mindfulness training
⇒ Active relaxation on land (2-3 hours)
- Walking / speed walking
- Mountain hiking and much more

We create our coaching program adapting to your ideas and needs.

Who we are

In our opinion, there is hardly a better and more relaxing way than sailing with the wind towards the sun, letting go and enjoying the moment in the here and now. The experience of adapting to the fellow sailors in order to form a team that can navigate the boat safely and still have time for themselves is priceless. We would like to share these experiences and experiences with the fellow sailors.

We are:

♠ Relaxation therapists
♠ Communication trainers
♠ Coaches for health and prevention
♠ M.Sc. Psychologists
♠ Osteopaths / Body therapists

We combine our competencies with many years of experience in counselling individuals, groups and teams in the private sector as well as executives and employees in a professional context. In our holistic and sustainable philosophy, body, mind and soul are equally included. We integrate lates scientific knowledge and processes, proven methods from the health sector and alternative applications in our choaching under sails.

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Please send us a non-binding request and we will contact you to discuss further details.


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