The crew

As costal childs, we turned our passion into a profession and simply relocated our coaching to the sae, more precisely to sailing boats and yachts. Through our sailing training and countless trips on the Baltic Sea, in Croatia or Greece, we have been able to experience for ourselves how effectively sailing works against stress and fears and how sustainable a sailing trip can solve interpersonal conflicts. The unique combination of sport and relaxation in beautiful maritime landscapes made us aware of how easy and yet so effective a sailing retreat can be. In our opinion, there is hardly a better and more beautiful method than sailing with the wind towards the sun, letting go and enjoying the moment in the here and now. The experience of adapting to the fellow sailors in order to form a team that can navigate the boat safely and still having time for themselves, is priceless. We would like to share these experiences with you.

Our crewmembers are Uta Sophie, Malena and Babette.

Malena and Uta Sophie are relaxation therapists, communication trainers, coaches and M.Sc. psychologists. We combine our competencies with many years of experience in counselling individuals, groups and teams in the private sector as well as executives and employees in a professional context. In our holistic and sustainable company philosophy, body, mind and soul are equally included. We combine latest scientific knowledge and competencies with proven methods from the health sector and alternative techniques.

Our osteopath Babette also welcomes you on board for a few exclusive dates. By experiencing relinquishing, relaxing and stay in the present moment also the body can breathe deeply. Babette supports you with helpful strategies for a better body awareness. Osteopathy builds on the body’s own self-healing and self-regulatory powers. Diseases and disorders often arise when the body loses the ability to regulate itself. This is where osteopathy comes in and mobilises the body’s self-healing powers. 

With this powerful combination in connection with our experience and the passion for sailing, we not only offer you a wonderful and relaxing sailing trip, but also give you the knowledge and tools to use the experience and knowledge effectively in your everyday life and moreover in the long term to be able to transfer this balance into your life.



Our skippers and yachts have been carefully selected according to the safety standards for commercial shipping, their experience in training inexperienced participants and of course their knowledge of the areas. The skippers are unique, have an incredible amount of experiences, will be happy to share their stories and are just as in love with the sea as we are.

Come on board with us and be inspired by unique adventures, interesting people and beautiful landscapes. We look forward to you!


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